Monday, December 4, 2017

*New Slice of Life: Thank you Professor Stroud*

As the semester is coming to an end and all of the feelings are pouring into me. I realized that I have not had a college professor influence my life, future career, and attitude toward teaching until this semester. My elementary school teachers were the ones that impacted my life and gave me the desire to teach. However, this short and final semester of mine I was placed in Professor Stroud's classes and she impacted my life in a way no other college professor has done.

Professor Stroud has taught me many things about teaching reading and writing. As well, as teaching in general. But most importantly she has taught me to fall in love with writing and reading all over again. As a young girl, I loved to read and write and was quickly discouraged to do so when I got to older grades. I am so upset that it took me this long to fall in love with literature all over again or even stop loving it in the first place but I am so thankful I got my voice back. Thank you Professor Stroud for encouraging me to write for my pleasure and make me realize that my voice is important! Thank you for opening my mind to more books that teach me things another person couldn't. Thank you for giving me my voice back. But most importantly thank you for making me believe in myself again. Professor Stroud has made me realize that my childhood dream of writing my very own children's book can be accomplished. I am for every thankful for that lesson.

Professor Stroud has also taught me the important lesson of believing in myself. If anyone every felt discouraged or needed assistance she was there in a heart beat. She made sure that we felt comfortable with each other and with her. She is the type of person/professor that has your back and supports you! I hope to be a person like that when I become a teacher. Professor Stroud also genuinely loves and cares about our class and that feeling is evident whenever she is speaking to us as a class or one on one. I am beyond grateful I got to be apart of one of her classes. I also know that if I ever need anything she will be there... hallelujah (because I will be needing her guidance)!! :)

So, thank you Professor Stroud for : -believing in me enough so that I believe in myself.
-guiding me to books and writing. -loving and encouraging us. -never giving up on us when I know sometimes were tough. -always staying positive no matter what. -providing help and guidance to insure that we truly learn. -being such a great listener and being open. -thank you for everything you have done for us.

Thank you Professor Stroud. You are truly an inspiration and I look up to you as a person and future teacher.

With Love,

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

**NEWEST**: Slice of Life

As this semester is coming to an end, I am getting more and more upset about leaving my kiddos. I mean, I am obviously leaving them in good hands but STILL I am so sad... I really want to watch these kids grow mentally and physically. This leads me to a couple of questions for teachers: how do you say goodbye to your class after the year is finished? How do you not ball your eyes out like a baby? But most importantly, how do you hold yourself together when they are loving on you and it's a final "see you later"? I am so worried that I am going to break out in tears and get every one in the classroom upset. It has only been a short few months but the bond I have made with these babies is unforgettable, so I can not imagine saying bye to them after wrapping up a whole entire year. 

Anyways, I say "see you later" in one more week so any tips and advice would be GREAT!!!

Love the most sensitive person in the world,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

NEW: Slice of Life

Today a self publishing author named Deirdre Williams came and spoke to us about her journey writing Quit Khaliah. It was so inspiring to hear her speak on her journey and ideas. She was an incredible speaker because she spoke with such passion! Her passion pours through her heart and into words. Her voice really spoke to me because I have always wanted to be a writer. I just never knew what it actually took. After listening to her story, I realized that I too could become a self publishing writer one day. I have recently really found a passion for children's books so you can imagine how much I look up to her.

She is also an educator with so many wise words. Something that really stuck with me that she said is that as a teacher, you HAVE to get to know each and every one of your studnets because each and every one of them has a special gift. THAT IS SO TRUE! Every single person has something to offer. It is so important for people in general to recognize that but especially as teachers.

You ARE important,

P.S: Seriously go check out her website and book SHE IS AMAZING at

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

*NEWEST*: Tuesday's Slice of Life

I want to talk about a quote that the website Two Writing Teachers had up last Tuesday. It said "The scariest moment is right before you start". Those words really spoke to me. I mean, in all reality that is the absolute truth that applies to so many things go on in people's lives in a tiny sentence. Think about it... Do you remember a time where you absolutely nervous and terrified to do something (ANYTHING)? My mind goes back to first dates, walking into a haunted house, the first day of school each year, and starting working with my cooperative teacher in a kindergarten classroom. I have experienced every single on of these moment and the absolutely most terrifying moment was RIGHT before I walked into that building, classroom, and met the guy in person. After that, it seemed as if everything was a breeze. Just for that short moment it was absolutely terrifying. That short moment has nothing on what I have experienced in those situations. That short moment of fear always seems to turn out beautiful in some way. I will keep this quote in mind when I start preparing for my student teaching, taking those scary certification tests, having my very first classroom, and going on more and more first EVERYTHING'S! I hope you do the same...

P.S. I even thought about this in the aspect of writing. Writing can seem so scary but once you get started, there is no stopping! :)

Cheers to fear and the outcome it brings,

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

*NEW*: A Little Slice Of My Life

First and foremost, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope all of you are having a spooky and splendid day! There is many reasons for me to smile today but I will just share one! I have a friend (student) in my kindergarten classroom that is always in trouble. He never really sits still (but I mean what kindergartener does?) and he is always talking and interrupting. Today, he came into school so sad and down. I was curious because it is Halloween and ALL the other kids were super pumped! He was very quiet, to himself, and just not the little boy I am used to. I went over to talk to him and he did not want to say much. I stopped and just gave him a quick smile and pat on the back. As we went to the carpet as a group for phonics, I sat at the back to observe like normal. My friend came over and plopped right beside me and sighed with heavy eyes. He then grabbed my hand and held it for the whole phonics lesson. As the lesson was going on he was engaging, not interrupting, and soon after he became his self! I was so full of joy and as crazy as it sounds I was so excited that he was back to his normal interrupting and not sitting still self! Moral of the story: sometimes it really only takes a helping hand (LITERALLY)!!!! I swear I learn something new every single day that I am in that classroom!! #BLESSED

Have a BOOtiful evening,

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Up to date: SLICE OF LIFE

Today I got to do my very first read aloud! I walked into the classroom super nervous (I always get nervous talking in front of people) but I have the most encouraging cooperative teacher. When I say I am blessed to have such an amazing cooperative teacher I mean I am BLESSED!!!! Anyways, I chose to read the book "It Came in the Mail" by Ben Clanton (uh, he rocks)! We focused on the character's feelings, how the character's feelings changed through out the book, and we related the book to our own lives which we found is sharing. This is a kindergarten class so the topic of sharing is such a hot topic. We even wrote down and figured out ways we can share better in our classroom and decided that sharing makes us feel "joyful"! That's right, JOYFUL! The children came up with that word on their own! I was shocked! I thought the only emotions they would get from the book is sad and happy. Boy, was I wrong! These kids are so smart and full of great ideas when you let them speak. Overall, the read aloud went awesome and I can't wait to get to do another one!

Have a great week,

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

*NEW*: Slice of Life

Today I learned how quickly a tiny human can impact not only your life but the mood of your entire day. It was a normal day, starting with phonics and working up to recess but as an intern I look forward to lunch time (okay that sounds bad but keep reading)... I enjoy lunch time with the students because I monitor them and help them open difficult things to open (another side note: I spill EVERYTHING!!!!). During this time I get to freely talk to them about anything they bring up. One brought up the fact that his cookies were from a bakery and another brought up how their mom packed leftovers from dinner that he haaaaated. I even hear about their weekends. However, today one special little boy and girl told me "you are the best teacher Miss. Dickie". I thought to myself "I'm not even a teacher yet"... but I took the compliment with a great big "you are so sweet, thank you" and moved along on my day. As I am sitting here right now that comment is floating around my head and I can not help but smile. I realized that at the beginning of my day I was in a "bleh" mood and from lunch on I have been in a fabulous mood and I KNOW it was because of that comment. Those precious angels amaze me everyday!!!